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an evergrowing Web Developer and Entrepreneur.

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I am a web developer based on Jakarta, Indonesia.

I believe that everything can be solved by web technology, or at the very least, simplified and improved.

Skill Sets

Back End Dev

The core of web developent, it is what basically 'run' the internet, it make a website 'alive'.

Currently I am learning Ruby on Rails. Fluent in PHP and Codeigniter Framework.

Front End Dev

This is something enable a website to be unique, interesting, and beautiful.

Able to fluently use javascript (core, jQuery, plus a couple of plugins), AJAX, CSS3 (SASS), HTML5, and a couple of bootstrap.

Projects Planning

Based on your requirement and my knowledge, I can offer you the best solution and I will gladly help you to make it better.

Featured Work

Tuntun, an Indonesian public transport navigator.

Knockershardware, you can find the unique beds, hinges, doors, etc.

A proud team member of

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