Welcome to my personal website!

About me

I am a software developer working from Indonesia. Indonesian Flag
Works mainly on web apps, and mobile apps as well.
Fullstack developer, but seems to be better on backend stuff.
Skill list
Ruby ruby Production experience at huge scale using Ruby on Rails framework.
PostgreSQL postgre and mySQL mysql Optimizing queries, indexes, and basic usages.
PHP php Production experience at small scale, first work experience. Using Codeigniter and custom framework.
HTML html5 As long as Google and Stackoverflow works, manageable.
CSS css
Javascript css Production experience of using video.js and creating component for it.
React Native react-native Created an app to manage boarding houses, Android and iOS. Production but small scale.
Docker docker Deployed boarding house management RoR app using docker compose. I only know docker compose :).
AWS aws and GCP GCP Production experince on both, understood tools like load balancer, instance groups, networking (a little). Deploying using ansible.

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